Video Surveillance


What you get from a DVR is what you expect out of it. Most of the DVRs available have limited functions and are reduced to a mere video recording apparatus. Such narrow functional scope conditions the users not to think beyond standard utilities and hence,misses out on other value additions that a DVR can deliver. Matrix SATATYA is a range of carefully engineered Video Surveillance solutions like Centralized Management Software(CMS), Web Client and Mobile Viewer that go beyond standard functions and deliver much more to enhance Security, Productivity and Discipline of an organization.

Management Manage Multiple DVRs Other DVRs
Viewing CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer Other DVRs
Alerts SMS/Email Notification for Motion, Camera Tamper and Hard Disk Full Other DVRs
Connectivity 3G, DynDNS and Matrix DNS server Other DVRs
Integration Integration with Access Control for Pre-Post Recording and Snapshot Other DVRs
User Interface Wireless mouse and IR Remote Control with Extension Other DVRs
Durability Rugged Design with Heavy-Duty Components



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