Proximity Access Control Reader

Product Description
KR 100HE (125KHz) is proximity based RFID Access Control Systems without communication,low price with good performance, designed especially for access control for high security zone, Server room ,Datacenter etc.It will bring you much profits because of its low price.

Technical Specification
Size: 116 X 75 X 17.3 mm
Read Range: Upto 10 cm
Reading Time (card): <= 300ms Weight:120g Power : DC 6-14/Max 70mA Input Port: 2ea (External LED Control, External Buzzer Control) Card Output: Weigand 26 Bit LED Indicator: 2 Color LED Indicators(Red and Green) Beeper : Yes Temperature : 0°C – 45°C Operating Humidity : 20%- 80%

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